INTERSIL was founded in August 1999 as a subsidiary of Harris. INTERSIL makes full use of the intellectual resources it inherits from Harris, gesolidstate and RCA to give full play to its advantages in analog, mixed signal, power supply and anti radiation technology, and provide advanced integrated circuit and discrete semiconducting products for the high-speed development of communication, power supply and space / military defense fields. At present, INTERSIL's technical advantages are reflected in the following aspects: 1. Wireless network market: This is also the company's key investment direction in the past four years. Recently, the blockbuster product, prism 庲 II chipset, has been favored by 3Com, Compaq, Samsung and other large companies. 2. Power semiconductor market: INTERSIL company is continuously introducing high-performance power IC and high-speed IGBT, anti radiation device, MOSFET and other split devices, and continues to maintain a leading position in this field. 3. INTERSIL is headquartered in the United States, and its production plants are located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Malaysia. There are about 5800 employees. Its sales network is all over the world.